Dr. Renzo Daviddi commented a need for entrepreneurship development in BiH for Foundation 787

In 2008 Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the EU, thus formally making its most important step on the path to EU membership.  Although, the SAA yet remains to be ratified, BiH continues to fulfill its obligations and reforms in the process of EU integration. The EU Special Representative and EU Delegation in BiH support BiH on its EU path each within its mandate.

EU Member States are also faced in higher or lower percentage with youth unemployment. European Union continuously works on tackling youth unemployment by exercising a number of measures. At the same time EU encourages entrepreneurship, especially for youth and women. Having in mind all the above mentioned, we asked Dr Renzo DaviddiChargé d'affaires of the EU Delegation to BiH to share with us his thoughts on this topic.

"Equality between women and men is one of the European Union's founding values. Gender equality is a fundamental human right and is essential for growth and poverty reduction. The EU has always been in the forefront on equal treatment and equality in employment.

Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to face unequal access to the labour market and the level of female participation in the workforce remains very low. The unemployment rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the highest rates in Europe – on average 27.5 percent of the workforce, but higher for women at 31 percent. And seven out of ten of these people have been unemployed for two years or more. Two out of three young people are unemployed. Overall, this is an appalling waste of talent.  The low engagement of women in BiH is disappointing given the many examples from around the world of women achieving success in business and entrepreneurship.

To address this situation, I want to encourage everyone to engage in the political process and to push for the socio-economic reforms that are so necessary. Some are outlined in the Compact for Growth and Jobs. The Compact is a reform package spelling out six priorities that would reinvigorate the economy and spur the creation of jobs, especially for the youth and others excluded from the economy. It is strongly backed by the European Union; we see it as the essential starting point for creating a more prosperous BiH.

I hope that you will benefit from this web page and let us all get involved for the socio economic reforms will demand the widest possible support."