First three-day OK Workshop successfully completed

Foundation 787 gladly accepted an invitation to implement a cycle of workshops for young people from B&H. The invitation came from the project "Operation Cinema", which for five years now is being implemented by Obala Art Centre and Sarajevo Film Festival.

This cycle of workshops aims to promote civic activism and entrepreneurial culture among young people with a clear focus on development of participants' knowledge and skills necessary for incitement of proactive viewpoint and participation in socio-economic and cultural activities in B&H.

The first workshop was held on January 21 - 23 and gathered 12 participants from Banja Luka, Bratunac, Goražde, Gračanica, Mostar, Posušje, Sarajevo, Široki Brijeg, Zvornik and Žepče.

"By implementing various models we try to draw attention and come closer to young people. We offer an opportunity to everyone who wants to expand their knowledge and participate more actively in the organization and implementation of "Operation Cinema".  The aim of this type of education and activities is to create a network of young people who would, with a help from the creative industry, act as a new generation of local activists and partners and increase the effect of being proactive in a local environment as well as enable an establishment of a more active program for young people", said Ena Rahelić, project manager of Operation Cinema.

"Concept of Operation Cinema workshops is completely harmonized with the mission and activities of Foundation 787. These activities are focused on strengthening young people with knowledge and skills which will help them to use the existing economic opportunities and enhance the quality of their life. I believe that the young people who are participating in these workshops have a chance to not allow others to define their priorities and that they are those who will contribute to changes in their local communities", emphasized Dijana Duvnja, Chair of the Steering Board of the Foundation for socio-economic development 787.

Miroslav Ilić, director of the Culture House Žepče noted that this workshop is a perfect example how to work with youth in B&H. The workshop clearly shows how to incite entrepreneurial spirit among young people, it teaches them how to be leaders in their local communities, and last but not least how to be bearers of social and cultural activities in the future. "I am also very grateful to the organizers for the invitation to participate as one of the local partners of Operation Cinema because I had an opportunity to recall some information, to learn new useful things, and to meet wonderful young people with whom I will cooperate in the future", said Ilić.

"Participation on the workshops is a true pleasure for all participants from 10 B&H cities. The workshops show that people coming from different communities, who are of different age and who have different experiences can communicate very effectively, function in a team, make good results and create a network of partner relations - and all these thanks to good motivators, people from Foundation 787 and representatives of Sarajevo Film Festival, as well as to regional leaders in the culture field. I look forward to the next session and on behalf of all participants, I use this opportunity to thank everyone who worked with us, who were great hosts and contributed that we all feel welcome", said Fatima Bećarević, participant of the workshop coming from Gračanica.

The next workshops of Operation Cinema will be held in Banja Luka during period February 26 – 28, and in Posušje April 1 - 3.