Second Operation Cinema Workshop implemented

Foundation 787 has successfully implemented a series of thematic trainings and lectures within the second Operation Cinema workshop, held in Banja Luka from February 26 until February 28, 2016. Focus of the workshop was on development of participants' negotiation skills and acquiring basic knowledge about project management and entrepreneurship. 13 participants from  Banja Luka, Bratunac, Goražde, Gračanica, Mostar, Posušje, Sarajevo, Srebrenica, Široki Brijeg, Zvornik and Žepče had an opportunity to work on practical examples in terms of planning and project implementation, as well as drafting and development of business ideas.

Kristina Nikolić, Srebrenica: ”I would recommend to everyone to join Operation Cinema and Foundation 787 as soon as possible, because these workshops left a very strong impact on me. At every workshop I attended, I acquired new knowledge and I am especially satisfied with the workshop on project management and the accompanying program. This program will help me and my colleagues from the newly founded DOMINO organization to better communicate in the future and develop new projects."

Senad Džananović, Bratunac: ”Second workshop held in Banja Luka was very interesting and very useful, because I had an opportunity to learn many new things which I believe I will benefit from in the future, especially at my faculty, having in mind that I plan to enroll in film production studies. Of course this is all due to excellent trainers and other participants from whom I can also hear and learn many things. I am glad to be part of the group and to participate in the Operation Cinema workshops."

Ivana Šilić, Posušje: ”Although all of us form very diverse group, we function very well and we accept different opinions and try to learn as much as possible from each other. Great trainers who managed to share with us their experiences, encourage us not to give up and how to successfully overcome obstacles, contribute to described atmosphere significantly. The most interesting thing I have learned so far is how to implement our ideas and draft a business plan and bravely step in entrepreneurship."

Participants of the workshop also had an opportunity to talk to Maja Miljević, young entrepreneur owner of the company "Zdrava logika” (Healthy Logic) from Banja Luka. Maja shared experience on how she started a company which has a business model based on providing the best possible products to the customers on B&H market.