Innovation and persistence as the key to the success of the young "Paradox" team

There are many young, successful and entrepreneurial people in B&H. With each new Business story, we look forward to sharing the experiences of exactly those individuals. This time we talked to Faris Biogradlić, one of the founders of the consulting business "Paradox".

787: Tell us more about Paradox and what do you do?

* Paradox is a company with expertise in business development, marketing, sales and business graphic design. We operate in two fields. One is oriented to the professional positioning of other companies online by creating a unique website and an online marketing strategy for our clients, in order to position them above their competition.

The other field is oriented towards the implementation of marketing and sales systems, where, in fact, we identify the current marketing and sales activities of our clients, then we measure and improve them so that the business of our clients can achieve growth, demonstrated through increased profit. We measure our own success through the success of our clients.

787: When was Paradox incorporated, who are the founders and who makes the team?

* Paradox has been operating since October 2015. The founders are Faris Biogradlić and Sven Rifatbegović, and the team consists of 5 young individuals who are in charge of marketing and business development, graphic design and programming. The whole team is relatively young and has an average of 22-year-olds. Our main partner is Sybertech Company, founded by Almir Čorbić, who, among other things, helps us to develop the appropriate IT solutions for our clients.

787: What did you do before you have set up your own company and what led to it? What prevailed when you decided not to wait for a job, but to take things into your own hands?

* One year prior to the establishment of the company, the „action“ started. The first step was organizing the event at the Bjelašnica mountain called "Snow Fest 2014". This event brought together over 2000 visitors and provided all-day entertainment and interesting content to all guests. Afterwards, we implemented the project; an online 3D shop called "Artmax", where Edis Kujović, Sven and I created the 3D model "Infinity Heath" in the form of cups. After that, we applied to an online competition with more than 200 participants from all over the world. We won that competition thanks to the uniqueness of our product in combination with its good marketing promotion. Two months later, Sven and I were in Vienna presenting and selling B&H product called "Vienna Cube". After pretty successful mission in Vienna, we already started brainstorming the ideas for the next project. We simply needed the "official company" to look more serious in the eyes of older clients, so we decided to establish Paradox d.o.o.

787: Are things developing as you and your team imagined? How is it to be entrepreneurial in Bosnia and Herzegovina? How does it look like to be a young entrepreneur? What obstacles do you face?

* Business is an unpredictable thing. Of course, we have our vision and goals on which we work and which we follow, but you simply can never know what is ahead of you. Every day spent with the team results in new ideas and plans for the future. We create the opportunities ourselves, but sometimes they find us first. A new acquaintance can result in a long-term partnership between two companies that may even change the envisaged business strategies, with the aim to jointly grow faster and more effectively. In my case, being a young entrepreneur, seems like the first thought through everyone’s mind is "Kid, what are you doing here" and after a few sentences, they listen carefully to what I have to say and how I can help them. We build relations with clients mainly at a friendly and trustworthy level, where co-operation takes the most important role.

787: Have you contacted some organizations or institutions for help in establishing a business? Is there any positive example that you can share with other young people who also want to start their own business?

* We did not contact any organizations or institutions, because I personally consider that approach to be rather uncertain and risky. It is alright to invest 5-10% of time on such approach, but I certainly prefer and recommend that you choose the way in which you have more control over the possible results. I advise all young people who want to start their own business to initially find their own purpose of existence, to form a clear vision of what they want to be, what they want to do and how they want to present themselves to the market. In that case you will never "work", but you will have fun doing what you love. I also advise young people to start as "freelancers" and to create demand for services or products that they want to offer to the market by themselves. Today, the Internet plays a major role and can be used by everyone in a smart way, such as learning from the best world’s experts through audio/video clips or various articles written by leading people from these specific industries. Knowing that today we have more than 3.2 billion Internet users, our market is relatively large. Be persistent, innovative, and do not give up after one, two, three attempts. Because every unsuccessful attempt is a lesson getting you closer to your goal.

787: What does your day look like compared to your peers' average day?

* Waking up at 5:30, educating until 7:30, then off to work at 8:00. Then the daily action starts, which is different from day to day. The usual daily activity includes working with current clients, finding new ones, developing ideas for business growth, brainstorming with the team and so on. Because we all do what we love and enjoy the process of making new things, it often happens that we get “stuck” in the office until 21:00.

787: Let's get back to the Paradox's activities. You stated that you want to improve the individual aspects of the B&H market. What is it really about?

* Our business development services and professional positioning on the Internet affect the business of a client in a way that in a certain period of time the client starts acquiring new clientele, the average transaction gets more valuable, and the existing clientele begins to buy services/products more often. The combination of all three factors and additional items results in an increase in profits annually. Taking into account that our business is not oriented towards one industry, but towards all industries, we are able to improve the individual aspects of B&H's market.

787: What is HeyCV?

* HeyCV is our first product in the final stage of development. The benefit of HeyCV is that the user, with the help of a unique design and CV structure, stands out from the mass of CVs that the employer receives for an open job position. In this way, the user increases the chances to reach a business conversation, since the first impression and selection of candidates by employers is mostly based on the visual experience of their CV. You can find out more about HeyCV on our website at

787: You pointed out that you want to work with young people – why them and what kind of plans do you have?

* We are a team of young people and the atmosphere in the company is "home alike". Everyone is doing what they love, and they enjoy working. Our goal is to continue expanding with the help of young, ambitious people. The market is mostly looking for workers with a lot of experience, but it is more important for our future associates to love what they do and that they are eager to gain new skills and knowledge. Bearing in mind that a dissatisfied stressed person has much poorer productivity at work, it is important that our associates feel good at their workplace and that they cooperate effectively with the entire team.

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