Foundation 787 Volunteers

The mission of the Foundation 787 to which we strive to in all our activities is that young people, especially young women, should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in all areas of society. At the recently held workshop at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, we had the opportunity to meet a group of highly motivated and exceptional students. We invited them to cooperate with the Foundation in numerous activities. Among many applications, we chose four valuable associates. Some of their texts you have already had the opportunity to read, and now it's time to present them.

Marija Pudarić was born on 19.05.1993, in Sarajevo. She is a student of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Communication Studies. Since 2009, she volunteers and occasionally works part-time in a variety of civil society organizations that deal with youth issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, human rights, employment and retention of young people in BiH, journalism and which give an opportunity to young journalists, therefore her interests developed accordingly. In addition to activism she is a great fan of traveling and she is trying to learn another foreign language. Marija volunteers in the Foundation 787 because she is very interested in the development of entrepreneurship, especially for young people, and has concluded that, in addition to volunteering in the classical activist sense, she will also acquire journalistic experience by creating articles and interviews for the Foundation. When Marija thinks about her career, she always sees herself as someone who will work to improve the situation of young people, create policies for the development of young people and offer new opportunities to young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Edina Velić is a third year student of communications. From an early age she wanted to be a journalist and somehow saw herself in this business. Edina decided to volunteer at the Foundation 787, because she believes that every new form of practices, or learning otherwise, in the field of journalism is welcome. Through volunteering for the Foundation, Edina believes that her writing skills will improve, as well as her skills of teamwork, and initiative. Edina would like to buld her future career in the industry she chose, a few years ago, as a major.

Dalila Hasić is also a third year student of communication studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. Dalila considers journalism as her calling in the future .. and that the future is a time towards which we all hope, but also a time we fear. She believes that rarely any profession is so full of dynamics, diversity, danger, passion, adrenaline and gloss, as a profession of journalists is. Dalila's current target while still studying is to improve their writing skills, photography skills and work with people in general. Foundation 787 is for Delila an ideal opportunity to do all of the above and develop her writing style.

Sanela Pripo is a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, Department of Communication / Journalism. Since high school, Sanela is an active member of the humanitarian association in which she still volunteers. For Sanela humanitarian work is not only giving money to specific purposes, but believes that the help can come in many forms, from the simplest, such as the provision of arms, a smile or a door opening for someone who can't do it on his own. What makes Sanela particularly happy is the feeling that she made someones day better. Sanela sees herself as a communicative person, she likes socializing and teamwork, and that she has well-developed skills of a team-leader. Sanela likes to read books, and from there came the love for writing. She sees volunteering at the Foundation 787 as gaining new experiences in entrepreneurship and as an opportunity to develop their own style of writing.

We look forward to all the common achievements and we hope that Marija, Edina, Dalila and Sanela achieve the goals for which they have decided to cooperate with the Foundation 787.