Floss & Gloss - The team for bright teeth and even brighter future of B&H dentistry

Floss & Gloss is a youthful and modern dental office in Sarajevo. It was founded by entrepreneurs, Dr. Amar Piknjač and Dr. Dunja Divanović, with the aim to offer their patients the best of dentistry.

"Beside the quality of our services, we are trying to point out the relaxing access to patients, as we are aware that paying a visit to a dentist is stressful enough. In our clinic, all the procedures go hand in hand with an easy conversation, music, without rush or impatience. We can proudly say that we have celebrated our first birthday recently and that we are extremely pleased with the results we achieved", said Dunja and Amar.

Even when they were still students, this duo had an idea of starting their own business. At the end of the studies, they were faced with the fact that the labor market is overwhelmed by the dental professionals looking for a job. They realized that they have to create jobs for themselves.

"The most important step was to opt for private practice, to gather courage, squeeze the teeth, and then everything sorted itself naturally. The procedure was sufficiently clear, so we did not have major problems during the realization."

When we asked them what the scariest moment for them was, we were delighted by their response.

"The scariest moment was definitely the first working day. We were totally into the process of preparing our working space and collecting paperwork, which made us completely occupied by current events that we weren’t even aware of what is about to happen and what a huge first step we made."

Although they were both rewarded as the best students of their generation, they emphasized that they had encountered many unknowns which simply aren’t thought at the faculty, such as bureaucracy and material procurement.

The reactions of patients to such young and dynamic doctoral team are diverse, as Amar and Dunja say.

"Of course, we have met with a somewhat stereotypical way of thinking that all doctors have to be older and more serious in order to gain trust, but, fortunately, we received more praises. Patients value our effort, approach, and attention we dedicate to them as we are a young team, full of enthusiasm and workmanship."

In starting your own business, the support of your surroundings is very important, so Dunja and Amar shared their experience with us.

"We can certainly say that we were very lucky. We came across endless support of our loved ones, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of advice, patience and love they gave us throughout the whole process. There was an incredible amount of nice words, recommendations, tips and time spent, and we would like to once again thank everyone who was with Floss & Gloss from the day one. "

Despite the scary moments, Amar and Dunja managed to find their place in the B&H market and experience a lot of special and positive moments.

"In our job, every day is a new challenge, as every patient is a new beautiful story. We are the happiest when we see smiles on the faces of patients because each of them is a sign that we are doing something good. "

We were fascinated by passion and dedication of these young dentists.

"It's an unbelievable feeling to help someone to relieve the fear of a dentist, because we are progressing together with our patients. Satisfaction is also to work with young patients, children that are visiting a dentist for the very first time. It is important to make them realize from the earliest days of life that a dentist is not someone scary or terrifying, and that they have to take care of their little teeth. A particularly nice feeling is when patients report to us after the intervention is finished and they say that they enjoy life and communicating with others much more and that they don’t hide their smile. Then we feel honored because we, in some way, managed to improve someone’s quality of life. We often tell patients that life itself is scary enough, so they should take advantage of every opportunity to laugh and enjoy it."

The difficulties of young entrepreneurs are numerous, but Dunja and Amar did not give up, they found ways to overcome them.

"The primary difficulty is how to make a brand in a market that is already saturated enough and where businesses with family traditions prevail. Marketing, especially in our branch, has a lot of restrictions, so it was extremely difficult for us as young people to advertise ourselves and to attract patients. Today we face everyday difficulties; deadlines, contributions, taxes, water supply of the city of Sarajevo, but now, they are much easier to overcome. We really did not have major difficulties with the institutions. The administration is complicated and extensive indeed, but luckily, we always encountered people who were willing to guide us towards our next steps. We believe that the state does not provide enough support for young entrepreneurs, which pushes young people away from establishing their own businesses. We believe that funds and projects that are designed for this purpose are insufficient or wrongly deployed. The state should be the wind in the back of the youth, not their shackle. Also, for young entrepreneurs whose companies are at the very beginning, the amount of contributions and obligations towards the state is unrealistic, therefore we think that mitigation conditions should be introduced for this category."

They talked about their future and mechanisms of progress.

"We are trying to make progress every day. Dentistry is a science that is in constant development, and it is necessary to follow the latest trends. We try to attend courses and continuously educate ourselves on new techniques and materials. We also invest in equipment of the office so that we can provide our patients with the most modern aspects of dentistry. Our plan is to develop the office into a specialist institution in order to provide all kinds of services. We wish to expand our small collective in the near future and provide young dentists with the opportunity to gain the necessary work experience."

After this conversation, the whole team of the Foundation 787 is looking forward to the next visit to the dentist. We wish the Floss & Gloss team best of luck and many bright smiles in further work.

Authors: Marija Pudarić & Edina Velić