Business STARTer: Call for Participants

Foundation 787, with the support of the European Fund for Balkans, is implementing entrepreneurial academy


In the period from May to July 2016, Foundation 787 is hosting an entrepreneurial academy “Business STARTer” for young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Academy starts with a training to be held from May 20-25, 2016 in Sarajevo, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurial culture among young people and increasing their propensity of starting their own businesses. The program is aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership which are necessary for the active participation of young people in socio-economic activities in BiH. Among other things, participants will have opportunity to establish a valuable network of professional contacts that can, in the future, encourage/support their entrepreneurial activities and social activism.

We invite interested young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 20 to 26 years old, to submit applications for participation in the academy Business STARTer, no later than May 6, 2016.

The application should include:

-Curriculum Vitae

- A brief explanation of the applicant's motivation (up to 300 words)

Please submit the applications in electronic form to the Foundation's e-mail address 787 info(at)

NB: The organizer covers the costs of transport and accommodation of the participants of the academy.


* The European Fund for the Balkans is a joint initiative of four European foundations, which devises, implements and supports various initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy, fostering European integrations and promoting the role of the Western Balkan countries in addressing the new challenges facing Europe. The latest program strategy of the EFB, which focuses on three main areas - capacity development, policy development and regional cooperation - is implemented through major programs and selected projects, along with a series of initiatives which are result of the regional perception of the EFB as of a relevant actor in these areas. The synergistic effects of these activities are directed towards the continuous "Europeanization" of the policies and practices of the Western Balkan countries on their path to EU integration, integrating the building of social capacities in the region with the development of political platforms and the culture of regional cooperation.