ALSTER PRO, With a dose of spite towards success in marketing waters


Amina Husović is a young girl from Sarajevo who has experienced a labor market during her studies, gained various experiences and found herself at the same intersections as many young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main question at this intersection is whether to GO or STAY in this country. Her answer was decision to build her future in Sarajevo. She therefore founded the marketing agency Alster Pro and started looking for clients.

Immediately, we were interested in why exactly “Alster Pro” and what it means.

"Alster Pro LLC is a company named after the beautiful lake ‘ALSTER’ in the heart of Hamburg, where I spent my early childhood and with which I am bind with beautiful memories," explained Amina.

Although the economist by profession, experience gained during her studies, directed Amina towards marketing activities, and finally to founding the agency.

"Although I had financial support from my parents, I always wanted to work, so I opted for a self-financing study, where I studied and worked all the time at a call center, a café, an insurance company, a print shop etc. Upon completing the studies, I applied for various competitions, performed many tests and interviews, but without success. I decided to continue my master’s degree in Vienna, prepared everything for my departure, but then, a certain spite showed up. In talked to my parents and decided to stay here and start my own business. I wanted to show both to myself and to others that, with hard work, effort and dedication, we can succeed in our Bosnia and Herzegovina", a temperamental young entrepreneur recalls.

Alter Pro is an agency that designs and sells advertising materials. In the spirit of both creative and dynamic work, but also great competition, we wondered what the secret of success was for Altser Pro.

"Our basic motivation is smile on the faces of our clients. Our relationship with clients is sincere, professional, creative and reliable. All of that has to bring success."

Amina shared with us her experiences with the state sector, how the procedures, institutions, laws and rules affect young entrepreneurs or those who are preparing for the first entrepreneurial step. She emphasized that the lack of information should not end with apathy and inertness of young people, but rather curiosity.

"I am the winner of the Federal Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship incentives for young entrepreneurs. In the beginning, I also thought that everyone must fight for themselves and that this country has nothing to give back. Thanks to my friend's recommendation, I applied and received these funds, which led me to change my opinion - we all are generally uninformed, and we do not try to reach the information."

"The business is very dynamic and diverse. The atmosphere in our team is friendly, so we start our day with a morning coffee and plans for that day. After coffee, we are all dedicated to our duties, either on the field or in the office, and then again, the day ends with a cup of coffee or juice. A workplace to wish for! 🙂 ", this young businesswoman described one day in Alster Pro. At one point we got ourselves thinking that it just might be the real dream job.

The reaction of clients, and also the environment in which young entrepreneurs are active, can disrupt the confidence of those who are thinking about financial independence and self-employment. The experience of Alter Pro is very positive.

"The reactions of our clients are positive, which makes me happy, because everybody likes to see young hard-working people, being professional and eager to succeed," Amina explains.

Very positive young entrepreneur gladly shared the words of encouragement and recommendations for all future entrepreneurs.

"I would recommend them to do what they love, to fight for their position, because every effort is worthwhile. Of course, every beginning is difficult, but if they want to succeed, they should not give up. But the most important thing is - a SMILE on the face."

Author: Marija Pudarić