787 video series on young entrepreneurs


Promotion of positive examples of successful entrepreneurial enterprises in BiH: 11 stories about the rise and fall, development and success of the business

Foundation 787, with the support of the European Fund for the Balkans, organized an entrepreneurial academy Business STARTer in May 2016 in order to encourage young people from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to make changes in their environment and use the acquired skills and knowledge in order to improve their social and business environment.

A special part of the Academy was dedicated to the creation of a video series "Mission #entrepreneurialBiH787" – “Misija#poduzetnaBiH787“, which brought together 14 young entrepreneurs from Gornji Vakuf, Posušje, Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Gračanica to share their stories on the challenges and positive aspects of establishing businesses in BiH . These young people come from different parts of BiH and they started their own businesses in different sectors.

You can see their stories below in local language:

Vildana Karamustafić

In the video, Vildana Karamustafić from Gornji Vakuf talks about how knowledge and skills gained through the Business STARTer Academy helped her to establish and run her own dental clinic “DentIN”.

Zvonimir Jukić

Cultivation of the Helichrysum is considered to be the present, but also the future of Herzegovina. Zvonimir Jukić is a young entrepreneur who has 21 years, a plantation with several thousand seedlings in Posušje and the first successful harvest behind him.

Sarah Čerkez

Sarah Cerkez has been successfully running art gallery and family business "Sehara Gallery" for four years now and is telling us why entrepreneurship is considered a bravery, creativity, and that each fall is a lesson learned.

Jasmin Elezović

Jasmin Elezović is a young entrepreneur from Mostar and owner of coffee roaster and gemstone coffee shop called Café de Alma. Why is it just a coffee with a soul, what is his biggest challenge, and what have been positive surprise in business so far, Jasmin tells us in his story.

Gradimir Stanković i Aleksandar Čičić

Did you hear about DigiVox from Banja Luka? Gradimir Stankovic and Aleksandar Cicic have been receiving umber of accolades and awards, and they know exactly at which features they will look for in future employees.

Dajana Pujić i Enis Bećić

Running a business is much easier if you have an excellent team. Dajana Pujić and Enis Bećić from Mostar represent the startup of IDEKA and tell us how much participation in the startup competition helped them, and what are the plans for the future.

Damir Bajraktarević

"My father used to say: people went to the Moon .. which means that if people can go to the Moon than I can make these glasses," says Damir Bajraktarević, founder of Dawood. How and why Damir, after receiving master's degree and not finding job in his field, decided to fully learn everything about carpentry, designed some new machines and "stepped in" the engineering waters.

Fatima Bećarević

Fatima Bećarević is a young entrepreneur from Gračanica. She has MA degree in Bosnian language and literature, and with her brother she started a business in the auto industry.

Ognjen Ranisavić

Ognjen Ranisavic from Banja Luka gathered a team of young experts in the desire to offer different and better product in the form of informative platform to our market. In his entrepreneurial story, he raises questions about the relationship between the needs of the labor market and the educational system, and whether in BiH formal education on the topic of social entrepreneurship is needed.

Irma Saljević

Irma Saljević Krvavac, from Sarajevo, is the owner of Freya Design. Many women are in love with her products, and more copies are required from each collection. In the meantime, Irma has registered a business, exports to many countries around the world and plans to expand the business to recruit more young people.

Amir Denjo i Muhamed El-Zayat

Video games and the gaming industry have been expanding in the recent years around the globe, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Four Game Studio from Mostar was founded by Amir Denjo and Muhamed El-Zayat as the first gaming studio in our area.