IMANI Made in B&H, Tuzla

Faith in B&H brends

Mission of the Foundation 787 is to strengthen the entrepreneurial intentions of women and youth in B&H. Usually, along with all our stories, you will also see hashtag #entrepreneurialB&H787 / #poduzetnaBiH787.

The vision of Amela Suljkić, a person in love with “Made in B&H” products, is exactly discovering such products and the introducing young entrepreneurs to present their work in her concept store.

"I came up with an idea about this concept store three years ago, but it was implemented in June 2016. I believe that Tuzla deserves to be introduced to our products and that our dear ladies get familiar with the Bosnian products, because they are worthy every praise. When it comes to the name, it all happened spontaneously. As you already know, the word IMAN in translation means Faith. I knew that the name needs to indicate that this is the store of our products. With the help of my friend and grahic designers who designed our entire visual identity, Irma Ibrić, I came to the idea that, in fact, the extension should be “Made in B&H”. Everyone is generally familiar with the hashtag #madeinB&H and we knew it would be recognizable and inspirational. The translation of “IMANI Made in B&H” would be Faith in B&H brands, creators, products, and faith in our market", Amela begins her story.

We asked Amela if she encountered some obstacles when starting her business.

"Everyone’s first thought is ‘there is no chance, it is not true’, but the registration of the craft from the beginning to the end went great. We are talking about someone who is originally from Lukavac and decided to register a craft in Tuzla. Municipality of Tuzla, Ministry of Tuzla, Tax Administration… I cannot recall who else is in that line - they were wonderful and doing their job well."

She describes her work with young entrepreneurs as acquiring new acquaintances and excellent cooperation. The concept store offers more than 20 brands.

"Just imagine the negotiations, the creative capacities. Sometimes, I just sit and think: Amazing job Bosnia and Herzegovina! You really have high quality, wonderful people who are fighting to remain on our market! I'm glad that I can help at least somehow."

Amela's team members are her mom Meliha Suljkić, without whom nothing would work properly, then model Adaleta Imamović, photographer Edin Moranjačkić (E.M Photography), graphic designer Irma Ibrić and architect Maja Dedić. Amela's goal is to continue expanding the team in the near future and she is very much looking forward to it. Recently, they moved to a new address in Tuzla, in the street Džafer Mahala no. 38. In this larger space she also plans to offer men's clothing soon, as well as launch their own brand.

At the end of our talk, we asked Amela to share her positive energy with young people in B&H who are considering starting their own business?

"If you want to go for something, please, love what you want to start, because if it does not make you happy, it affects you negatively. In that case you do it only to make the profit and I recommend to give up, because you will only end up losing yourself in it. Of course, profit is important for your business to survive, but when you love what you do, even if you do not profit sometimes, you continue moving forward, driven by the love for what you do. And, as long as love and positive energy are present, trust me, it cannot get bad. I know it from my own experience. Do not let someone stop you and do not listen to negative comments, because they will never know what you know. You must be determined and persistent in what you want. I am overjoyed with the business of IMANI store and I believe in everything I do. I have no doubts that many more successes are yet to come."