Presenting Dino, Sunčica, Ana and Mićo - participants of the OK 787 Workshops

Foundation 787 continues its cooperation with the Operation Cinema in 2017. Participants in this years’ program come from 10 cities of BiH. They are all are already active in their local communities, and for that reason they have been selected to further improve their skills and knowledge from various fields, under the mentorship of the Foundation 787.

Through tree workshops, three months and three articles we’ll present our participants more closely. This time read more about Dino Brljevac from Zenica, Suncica Djukanovic from Milić, Ana Mikulić from Široki Brijeg and Mica Matić from Ugljevik.

Dinois a class teacher, who is currently working as an entertainer in Multiplex Ekran Zenica. Dino tells for himself that he is an animator, a musician in the heart, an activist in the head and a big nature fan. "They say whomever loves nature, loves people. That's true. I like to meet new people, I easily engage in open communication with them, and enjoy their life experiences. I also like to have an active day, so I go to bed early, except when I play music with my community. "

We asked Dino what means to work proactively in his hometown.

"I primarily working on myself every day, looking at the correct and incorrect activities I have done. Then I look into my microcosm, which is made up of a my family, a girlfriend and friends who work with me actively in our city through projects such as "Food, not weapons", "Critical Mass" (bicycle movement) and various eco and music festivals and workshops. Part of it we do through our youth association for the promotion of eco and alternative culture of called Nature and Society. " Dino believes that everyone needs and can be proactive if they take small steps and primarily make changes in their microcosm, so these action, even once and unconsciously, will spread to a wider community.

Sunčica is a great devotee to art which, as she says, fulfills her. She is engaged in photography as amateur, draws and occasionally plays guitar. She points out that she is a very communicative, sociable and cheerful person. Suncica lives in Milici, where she finished her primary school and enrolled in high school. Currently, she is the fourth grade of the gymnasium. "Future plans are to enroll in the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, at the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy. I am active in the non-governmental sector for six years, I am a member of the Steering Board and PR of the Youth Council Milici. During my high school, I applied and attended numerous educational, social, entertaining workshops and seminars."

When commenting communication training held as a part of the program, Suncica commented her communication preferences. "I prefer the verbal communication. I like to lister and to be listened.  I think the spoken word is in great advantage over the written form. A warm word will always have its weight that can not be replaced by anything. By participation in many workshops, I learned a lot about communication skills. Based on my acquainted knowledge, I share my opinion with people who claim that we can learn the most from practical examples, by listening to others' experiences and talking about our own experiences."


"I come from Siroki Brijeg and I'm a high school student at Gymnasium fra Dominik Mandic. I volunteered for three years at the Mediterranean Film Festival, and in 2016 I had some special tasks as part of the organization team. For several years, we have been cooperating with the Operation Cinema”, saidAna.

At the Workshop in Sarajevo, we also had a lecture about social media. For Ana, communication is generally very important, both in everyday private life and in the public arena. She told us that, at the lecture held by Erna Saljević aka "Diva is Back", participants of this years’ program dealt with that kind of public communication channeled through online media. “She explained to us how to direct our online activities, how to attract attention and how Internet can serve as the best announcement channel at the present time. Although the topic is extremely comprehensive, hour and a half were quite enough to understand basics and apply them. I do not know about my colleagues, but I'm sure I will! "

"My name is Mico Maticand I come from Ugljevik. I was born in 1989 in Bijeljina. I am a graduated information engineer and currently not employed in my field. I am a member of the youth association "Youth Center Ugljevik" since December 2015. Initially I was President of the Assembly, and at the moment I am the President of its Steering Board. I am also one of the founders of the Local Volunteer Service in Ugljevik. By being part of leadership of the mentioned association, participating in the project and managing some of them, I have strengthened my organizational skills, as well as skills of other members", is what one of the most active participants of the Workshop shared when we started a conversation.

Mico pointed out that he often applies for calls that provide a new form of non-formal education in order to gain new insights, ideas and experiences, as well as demonstrate his possibilities and discover new personal abilities and skills. His goal is for all young people to become more active, feel useful in society, uplift spiritually and morally, and through their own activities and visible results become example to future generations.

When asked which person he finds to be his role model in leadership, he said Branko Petrović - very young person with a lot of experience in managing groups of young people. "Branko is a guy from my community who decided to study in Banja Luka at the High School of Internal Affairs. The very choice of his profession points the fact that this is an organized and disciplined person, a person with authority, attitude and opinion, with great physical and psychological ability. He is also the founder of the association "Youth Center Ugljevik", a person who introduced many new things to our community in short period and gathered young people around him. Besides this association, he is a member of numerous organizations at the level of the Republika Srpska, and is on the road to forming new ones, all in order to animate young people, wake them from everyday lethargy and point out the different possibilities”.