Presenting Marija, Sumejja and Dragan – participants of the OK 787 Workshops

Foundation 787 continues its cooperation with the Operation Cinema in 2017. Participants in this years’ program come from 10 cities of BiH. They are all already active in their local communities, and for that reason they have been selected to further improve their skills and knowledge from various fields, under the mentorship of the Foundation 787.

Through tree workshops, three months and three articles we’ll present our participants more closely. This time read more about Mariji Crnac from Tomislavgrada, Sumejji Spahović from Sarajeva and Draganu Vukoviću from Ugljevika.

Mariais at the fourth year of high school, and she actively works with the school in various youth communities through which she often participates in humanitarian action. Maria is a big lover of nature, she is amateurly engaged in photography and acting when she gets a chance. She plans to successfully enroll in college and continue her education.

Some of the topics discussed at the Workshop in Siroki Brijeg were networking, promotion and marketing and Maria commented on them. "In my opinion, networking is essential primarily for getting to know as many people as possible, and the greatest benefit of networking is, of course, helping to achieve common or personal goals. Also, as majority of activities me and my colleagues implement, are promoted through the online media and websites, this workshop helped me to discover new methods of promotion, which will be of great benefit for future work", said Maria.

Sumejja is a M.Sc. engineer of traffic and communications, with specialization in air traffic. Sumejja has been active in the NGO sector for 6 years through various organizations and projects. She describes herself as very communicative and bright spirit, a person with a strong work ethics. "I try to be a good interlocutor, and even a better listener. During my education, then practice, I unselfishly share my knowledge and experience gained on studying practices and projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe. The purpose of life is not to live forever but to leave a trace that will last eternaly behind us."

At the Workshop, Sumejja delighted other participants during the simulation of negotiation, and we asked her how and in which situations she applied her negotiating skills?

"No skill can be built without hard work, so I believe that negotiating is a skill that needs to be constantly improved. Almost every one of us negotiates something on a daily basis whether we are deliberately starting the negotiations or during the conversation we realized that we are just negotiating. The result of the negotiations will depend on how skilled we are and how prepared we are. Negotiation skills will be used in my everyday life, the business world where I will be able to deal more successfully with various business challenges”.

"My name is Dragan Vukovic, born in October 1989. I come from a small, but very beautiful city of Ugljevik. I am an occupation IT engineer and currently not employed. I am currently active in the youth organization "Youth Center Ugljevik" assuming the position of Vice-President. I am also a Board Member of the Youth Bank Ugljevik, which exists under the program of the "Mozaik Foundation", with the task of recognizing young entrepreneurs in our local community. I have been working on EXIT Festival since 2007 and became one of the team leaders of the festival last year", is how Dragan introduced himself at the beginning of the interview.

We noticed that Dragan was very interested in the lecture on the development of the business model. He tells us that this was a case because he has an idea for his own business, so the training was very useful to him. He adds that after the workshop he realized that his knowledge of entrepreneurship was really modest, although he thought that the real picture was different. "With this workshop, I expanded my vision of entrepreneurship, and at the same time I used opportunity to develop my business idea. I got a lot of useful tips and instructions to do some things differently, so that I could reach levels of profitability. Knowledge I have adopted at workshops will definitely be implemented in the period ahead of me. "

The workshop hosted two young entrepreneurs, Zvonimir Jukić and Fatima Bećarević, last year's participants of the OK 787 Workshop. We asked Dragan to which extent their stories influenced his motivation to start his own business?

"Initially, I have to admit that I felt a little embarrassed when I heard with what kind of enthusiasm they went into entrepreneurship, how many years and obstacles they crossed to reach their goal. Fatima and Zvone are two very ambitious people who did not fall under the pressure of the environment, they had a vision and sought to achieve it. By listening to them, I got even stronger motivation to put even more effort into my idea. I hope that next year I will be the one who will transfer experiences and impressions to others, like these two young people have had done this year".