"The first training is already helping me in starting my business",

These are words of Ivona Turalija from Kupres, participant of the program „PoWEr“. Ivona notes that the organization of the training is remarkable, from providing information, to the smallest details. „Excellent choice of trainers, you can really see that they are on top of the subject in question. Topics of the training were organized in such manner that we now have essential knowledge and information. The training has indeed exceeded my expectations. “

Foundation for Socio-Economic Development 787, with the support of the US Department of State, is organizing the women empowerment program „PoWEr“. The program lasts from September 2017 to February 2018 and it gathers women from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have a business idea or have just registered their own business.

The first training module was organized in Sarajevo from September 14 to September 17. The participants are women aged 20-50 from Bihać, Nova Kasaba, Jajce, Kakanj, Sarajevo, Mostar, Visoko, Kupres, Travnik, Ilijaš. In the first module, the participants had the opportunity to gather more information on the entrepreneurial eco-system in B&H, they discussed on the financial and legal aspects of doing business, they worked on the development of a business model for their idea as well as they learnt how to organize a team and run their business.  

"I am truly impressed with the entire program and its organization. The organizers have devoted their attention to various details, which makes this program different from all other which I attended. The trainers were excellent and transferred their knowledge to us in a creative manner, which coincides to the aim of this program – learn to be able to implement it in practice. The information I got will be very beneficial in starting my own business, as well as in everyday activities “, states Emina Hadžić from Kakanj.

The next phase of the program is market research, through which the participants will validate their hypotheses on the business model of their idea.

The program focuses on promotion of unused potential of women entrepreneurship, with the aim to encourage women in B&H to start their own business. Let's change the image of women entrepreneurship in B&H.  


*Implementation of this program is funded by the grant of the US Department of State.