How was it on the workshop “osnaŽENE”?

The Foundation 787, with the support of the Municipality Centar Sarajevo, and in cooperation with the Employment Bureau of Municipality Centar, is implementing the project “osnaŽENE” within which two three-day workshops, as well as personalized business consulting for the participants are planned. The aim of the project is that participants acquire knowledge and skills in order to become more competitive on the labor market, but also to engage in starting their own business/self-employment.

Silvia Kukanja Stanišić is one of the participants, who sent her application and joined the first group at workshop in November 2017. “A well-organized workshop “osnaŽENE” gave me all the information I needed to start thinking about my own business. This is a great opportunity for young women who have a business idea, but also for older ones, who are hard-to-employ category, to learn step by step everything they need to start. To stop wasting energy on job, search and to focus on themselves, to develop their business ideas and to be encouraged to start their business. High quality lecturers, targeted choices of topics, positive energy and smart young people from Foundation 787, which remain at the disposal after workshop for concrete answers and further guidelines. This workshop was very useful to me and I am satisfied because I invested my time well.”, words that Silvia sent us after the workshop.

Nazmija Hadžić shared her impressions with us, pointing that workshop is useful for both women who decide to start a business and for young people who want to expand their knowledge or to get familiar with business model plan. “I would recommend the workshop as a desirable experience, because it is evidence that the idea can turn into a plan for 2 days.”

Our friendship and working with Silvija, Nazmija and other participants we continue through personalized business consulting in the upcoming period. And your application for the next workshop in December we expect until 29.11.2017.