Successful implementation of our business ideas with the help of "PoWEr"!

Within the program "PoWEr", we continue our work with women entrepreneurs - participants of the program. In the past month, participants worked on drafting of their business plans and we have all gathered on the third module of the Program. This module was devoted to enhancing of their knowledge on how to finance the development of a business idea to a functioning business and development of their business negotiation and communication skills. We will continue our collaboration with the participants, until March 2018 and after being a part of the program for the past months, we asked Klaudija Ribić, from Travnik i Zerina Imamović, from Sarajevo to share their impressions on the Program. 

"Participating in the "PoWEr" program, we have an opportunity to get all the necessary knowledge and skills for starting our own business. Through this program we have first been introduced to the basics of every business development and that is economic and legal aspects of doing business. After that we had training on communication and negotiation skills, marketing, branding our products and services, how to successfully present our idea etc. We also got information on possible sources on how to finance our business ideas, which was very useful to the participants. During the program, successful entrepreneurs from B&H shared their advice with us and invited us to further contact them and collaborate with them. Skills and knowledge which "PoWEr" program provided us with are not only applicable and necessary when starting a business, but in everyday life circumstances as well, especially those work related. One of the core values of this Program is a network of contacts which we acquired. Namely, participants of the Program and members of Foundation 787 provide big support to each other and some of the participants have made a big effort in terms of realization of their business ideas, which is a true example of the positive impact of this Program.  By participating in this Program, participants now know what is the best manner to implement their business idea and which are the next steps in that process", said Klaudija. 

For Zerina, program "PoWEr" is definitely the most comprehensive program that currently exists in the region and she is extremely satisfied with the high level of organization. "During six months, all aspects for someone to start a good quality start-up are covered. All trainers are experts in their field. We have acquired knowledge in the fields of law, finances, marketing, branding, how to draft our business plans, communication and presentation skills, alternative manners on how to finance our business and many other things. Panels which took place with young successful entrepreneurs are a priceless source of advice and soon we will get mentos which wll helps us in the implementation of our business ideas. I am fascinated with the participants' devotion to the Program, their businesses and the amount of concrete practical information we got." 

Thank you Zerina i Klaudija and we eagerly await our next meet-up, because together we are changing the image of entrepreneurship in B&H! 


*Implementation of this program is funded by the grant of the US Department of State.