Foundation at the High Heels Club Meeting

Representatives of Foundation 787 and participants of our programs, attended the traditional meeting of the High Heels Club held on September 27 at the hotel „Residence Inn Marriott Sarajevo“ which was  organized by the analytical rating company „Bisonde BH“ and the portal Coolstayle,

Meetings of the High Heels Club are informal and intended for all business women who want to make new acquaintances, exchange experience, present their projects and get familiar with current issues in business environment.

The Hight Heels Club is regional activity through which Bisonde, as Europe’s leading provider of business information, offers a platform for creation of new business opportunities by providing significant business information and contacts in pleasant atmosphere which motivates women in business to be more active and self-aware.

In addition to networking session done through Bisonode matrix, participants had opportunity to share information about their activities and products, as well as to listen about success stories.

Some of the entrepreneurs who spoke at the occasion were:

Ana Ilic, OBI’s Marketing Coordinator introduced the OBI project Kuhinjski studio (Kitchen Studio). Project is about designing the perfect kitchen to meet customer’s needs – a completely new system of stacking kitchen units which provides the perfect freedom to personalize the kitchen.

Suzana Toplic Berberovic, 95-year-old motherand Professional Assistant for medical program at Tosama company, proudly wearing a medal she won in the race on the 42.2 km in Moscow, presented the company which nourishes generations since 1923.

Ladies at the gathering were also delighted with the sweet products presented by the distributorPlanet: presenting Mc Vities Thins-a crisper and more sophisticated version of the classic integral biscuit, chocolate-covered for perfect enjoyment - with a little less guilty; and Heidi Swiss presenting Premium Chocolatewhich has a high proportion of cocoa, interesting and attractive tastes, about which spoke brand managers Sejla Ajanovic and Naida Dacic.

Avon,represented by Sejla Korjenic,was responsible for the beauty topics at the event, along with the beauty salon Butterfly and Beauty Box Studio. Maarlas Spaa & Beauty Salon, was also presented by its owner Sulfeta Besic Joldo, whoemphasized how much she enjoys entrepreneurial engagements after years of working in large companies.

Like the story of owner of Maarlas, stories of other entrepreneurs also confirmed that small Bosnian and Herzegovinian companies run by entrepreneurs do not lag behind big companied with ideas and quality, and with indisputable charm, as shown by three ladies who also have created their brands.

The first is Marija Peric from Tomislavgrad, designer and owner of brand Lovely bagsthat has been operating since 2011 and has presence in four countries – BiH, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. She continues to go forward, and for now intends to spread in Slovenia.

Another entrepreneur is from Zenica, Zerina Gegic, owner of Brand Zizza Shoes. Zerina personally creates every model and participates in every step of production and her brand is present on the European market. She proudly pointed out that they had established their own production and opened show room in Tuzla.

And the third success story came from Sabina Krivdic with company „Malinica“ from Visoko. Sabina participated in the PoWEr program of Foundation 787, and on this occasion presented her line of liqueurs and brandy “S Queen”. Gathered women also got opportunity to try her specially produced honey brandy that is unique to the BiH market.

Ladies exchanged business experiences, enjoyed the delicacies prepared by the host Hotel, enjoyed gifts and shared positive energy until a next time.