Let's support small BH businesses in times of crisis!

We are witnessing that the new situation with the spread of COVID-19 virus has significantly hindered the business of BH entrepreneurs, and that they are facing new, much greater challenges in this period. They need our help in these moments, and through a series of small steps and signs of support, we are able to prevent them from stagnating or stopping their work.

Proof of how great things can be done together is this year's International Women's Day, when we joined forces to promote and support women's entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We now invite you to once again show how social networks can change lives for the better - use them to promote BH businesses, do not cancel your bookings and orders, but postpone them for days when better and safer conditions are met, let everyone know that they started delivering their products to our home addresses, support their work through online purchases of their products and services, comment, take photos, share their work, and don’t forget to send a message of support and encouragement – in this period, something like that means the most.

Let’s make BH entrepreneurship better together!