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Foundation 787 is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization founded in August 2014 under the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Foundation was established with an aim to address the specific disadvantaged position of women and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Both of these groups face common adverse challenges, such as large and rising unemployment, difficult access to any financial income, continuous social and cultural discrimination, as well as exclusion from the decision-making process - which prevents women and youth from fulfilling their potential and exerting influence in their communities.

As a common denominator of the problems faced by women and youth, Foundation 787 recognized strong economic powerlessness, which consequently causes many other forms of socio-economic limitations. Therefore, the Foundation acknowledges effective economic empowerment of women and youth, realized through (social) entrepreneurship, as a path to the desired improvement.



We envision a society in which women and youth are fully fledged, economically independent and socially responsible actors.



Our mission is to empower women and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to create and exploit primarily economic opportunities with the goal of improving the overall quality of their lives and increasing their influence in society.



Values that inspire and guide us are equality, progress, solidarity and excellence.