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At Foundation 787 we organize various capacity building programs for women and youth in order to equip them with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes. These programs are organized around topics and modules such as: start-up creation using lean methodology, financial literacy, trade readiness, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial and management skills, entrepreneurship for women victims of violence etc.



With a goal to assist young and female (potential) entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses more effectively, Foundation 787 provides them with needed business development services. These services are primarily aimed at skill transfer and business/legal advice provisions. Service segments include modules such as: market research, business module and plan development, legal requirements of MSMEs, management etc.




We disseminate information which enable women and youth to seize economic opportunities and advance their socio-economic status. For this purpose, we created unique web info-point for (potential) entrepreneurs, and we use different channels (such as web site, social media, newsletter and our events) to spread important messages.



One of the most important tasks before Foundation 787 is to change the existing passive culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, we are resolute in promoting entrepreneurial culture which goes against established norms which reinforce the traditionally assigned roles of women (“they should be housewives”) and youth (“their knowledge will be applicable only in the future”). In that regards we organize different campaigns, awareness raising events and highlight success stories.



Be it for social or business purposes, networking brings new and unlimited opportunities. Therefore, we are committed to build a network in Bosnia and Herzegovina and internationally in order to enhance entrepreneurial culture and facilitate entrepreneurial efforts of women and young people.




Our advocacy actions are aimed at developing an enabling environment in which women and youth have equal opportunities to achieve economic independence. Independently and in advocacy coalitions, we develop and advocate for gender- and age-sensitive programs, policies and regulations.

From 2014 to 2018, the Foundation 787 implemented numerous holistic entrepreneurial programs, trainings, business and promotional events, networking opportunities, business consultations and other activities, involving over 400 beneficiaries. In our work we cultivate an individual approach and provide each user with the kind of support which helps them to recognize entrepreneurial and commercial opportunities, acquire necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and self-confidence.