Entrepreneurial academy “Business STARTer” is a three-month program implemented by Foundation 787 with an aim to promote entrepreneurial culture among youth and thereby increase propensity to set-up their own businesses. Program is focused on developing knowledge and competences (business model development, financial management, marketing, project management and various management skills) needed for active participation of young people in socio-economic activities in B&H.
Business STARTer is implemented through 3 phases which, among other things, include: realization of a week-long trainings for young people with the focus on acquiring knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship and leadership; development of their own business ideas with suitable mentorship; development and realization of their own group activities aimed at promotion of entrepreneurial spirit among their peers; as well as realization of conference on youth entrepreneurs in B&H with and aim to shift the attention to its potential in our country.
Business STARTer academy was implemented for the first time in 2016 with the support of European Fund for Balkans, which in general supports several programs related to broader education of youth, government officials and civil society representatives. Program implementation was also supported by sponsors:Akta.ba, Radio Antena Sarajevo, Poslovne novine (Business Newspapers), Coca-Cola BiH, Franz & Sophie, Leef, Faculty of Political Sciences of Sarajevo University and agency Creative 24/7.