Business Workout is an entrepreneurial program of Foundation 787 aimed to support youth (20 to 35 years of age) from B&H which have surpassed the phase of just having business idea. In order to join the program, participants have conducted at least one of following: produced prototype, implemented market research, carried out sales, set up operations, recently registered business etc.

The goal of the program is to provide necessary support to start-ups led by young people in order to realize a steady growth and sustainability.

Through the 11-month-long program the participants are going through several cycles of trainings and practical education on the topics relevant for the business development. These include, inter alia, financial planning and management, business legislation, market positioning, finding and setting up suitable distribution channels, branding, marketing, sales, risk management and the skills needed to lead the businesses.

Additionally, participants take part in B2B meetings, mentorship program, and the technical assistance aim to support exporting activities and other business growth-related steps. As a result of the program, apart from acquiring new knowledge, skills and business connections, participants are also aware of their business development direction and have defined growth strategy. In this manner the participants have a unique chance to maximize their business outputs which would take them more time and resources if they would do it without participation in this project. The program was implemented for the first time in 2018. The realization of this program is financed with the grant from the United States Department of State