Foundation 787 is participating as a partner in the implementation of projects funded through the EU program for youth “Erasmus+” which lasts until 2020.

Gender 2.0 (2018)

Project Gender 2.0 has a goal to point out the new approach to solving gender issues - by using digital solutions and innovative techniques through which participants of the project will be able to spread the idea of gender equality and overcoming the stereotypes in terms of digital inclusion. The project connects young people who work on women and youth empowerment and enables them to share their best practices on how to deal with these issues, from different perspectives and approaches. The project also envisions implementation of hackathon, and trainings being held in Luxembourg and Lebanon.

E-Skills for Impact (2017)

E-Skills for Impact is a mobility project that aims to educate the representatives of organizations working with youth about items such as how to design and lead a successful project online, how to start a crowdfunding campaign, which free online tools and platform to use in NGO projects, and how to efficiently manage all relevant online processes. Project is implemented in two phases in Moldavia and Greece.