At the end of 2017 Foundation 787 implemented project ‘osnaŽENE’ (Empowered) with the support of Sarajevo Center Municipality and in cooperation with Employment Bureau. Within this project two cycles of workshops and personalised entrepreneurial consultation have been implemented for 30 female participants altogether.
The goal of the project was to help participants gain knowledge and skills so that they could become more competitive on the labour market and that they could start their own business.
Content of the workshop was developed around questions such as: how to turn a business idea or hobby into successful business, how to develop a sustainable business model for idea/hobby, how to register a business and conduct a process of fiscalization, how to manage finances without any prior knowledge, which tax and non-tax obligations one business has in B&H, which institutions and organizations have an impact on businesses in B&H and what kind of support can they give, how to successfully communicate, negotiate and network with various business stakeholders etc.

Silvia Kukanja Stanisic has been one of the participants who joined the first group of women at the workshop held in November 2017. „Excellently organized workshop 'osnaŽENE' gave me all necessary information to thoughtfully launch activities related to establishment of my own business. This is a great opportunity for young women who have a business idea, but also for the older ones, which fall into the category of unemployable or difficultly employable persons. They can learn step by step everything that is necessary to start off well, to stop wasting energy on job hunt, to develop their own ideas, and to finally start own business. High quality lecturers, well selected topics, positive energy and smart young people from the Foundation 787 which remained available even after the workshop for concrete answers and further guidelines, witness that workshop has been very useful and I am pleased because I have smartly invested my time“, shared Silvia after the workshop.