PoWEr is our long-term entrepreneurial program for women from all parts of Bosnia and Harzegovina who have a business idea and wish to establish their business.

The program is directed to promotion of untapped potential of female entrepreneurship so that is encourages women and increases their propensity to set-up their own businesses.

Main goal of the program is to provide participants with economy related knowledge, skills, good practices, guidance and mentoring in the process of development of their business ideas into established businesses. Among other things, participants also form a valuable network of professional contacts which stay at their disposal to encourage and support their entrepreneurial activities.

The program is structured in such way that participants go through 3 educational modules, based on which with the guidance of Foundation 787, they finish the tasks related to their business development. Implementation of these tasks is always followed by constructive feedback and guidelines for further development options. Participants also go through the mentoring process with the successful female and male entrepreneurs from the same profession.

Program has been implemented for the first time in 2017. In the first edition 16 women from Bihac, Nova Kasaba, Jajce, Kakanj, Sarajevo, Mostar, Visoko, Kupres, Travnik, and Ilijas took part in the program. In addition, 16 trainers, 12 mentors and 10 successful male and female entrepreneurs who shared their experience through panels, took part in the program which was financed with a grant from the US Department of State.