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Region: Zenica-Doboj Canton


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You want to organize a birthday party, but you do not have time to organize it as you have envisaged? You are unsure if everything will function at the right time and in the right place? You are unsure if you alone will be able to do all necessary activities at the same time at the party? EMOR is therefore for to give You all the necessary support.

Kids’ birthday celebrations represent important day for every child. Every parent wants to give their loved one a birthday from dreams and create amazing memories. However, the creation, designing and organization can be a very tiresome process. Our recommendation is to leave the birthday party organization to us, while you enjoy spending quality time with your little ones.

Services that we offer are similar to friendly counseling. By exchanging ideas, wishes and suggestions, we are making the best birthday story for your little one. For you and your children we choose the things you like, and we take care of all the organizational details. That is why we are inviting you to contact us and share your thoughts.

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EMOR is a startup from Kakanj specialized for organizing birthday parties for kids and adults.