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Chestnut-Honey Liqueur “Medica” by Malinica

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited



14 KM 


Medica is a chestnut honey liqueur that we added to natural grape brandy. Chestnut honey is known for its healing effect, but also for the specific, mild bitter taste that comes to expression in this product and provides unforgettable hedonistic enjoyment.

Chestnut Honey liqueur in grape brandy is a strong drink awarded with a Golden Plaque for the supreme quality in the special brandies' category on the 5th Spirit fest in Sarajevo.

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Agricultural manifacture "Malinica" (Eng. 'Little Raspberry') from Visoko, with its line of product line S-Kraljica, offers home-made liqueurs and fruit brandies made out of  home-made Herzegovina wine and alcoholic bases, with the addition of fruit and fruit juices, without any artificial additives.

For orders over 50 KM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivery is free.

You can order the product via the contact form. More information about “Malinica” can be found on Facebook, Instagram and the S-Kraljica website.