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Egg Pasta by Naturgeist

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited



1,7 KM 


Egg Pasta contains only natural ingredients without artificial coloring and additives. The pasta contents are: wheat semolina, eggs and salt. Given the fact that pasta does not contain any additives or preservatives, it can be cooked very shortly and quickly made.

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Naturgeist (translation 'The Spirit of Nature') is a home-made manufacture that produces pasta enriched with herbs and dried mushrooms, using traditional recipes. Pasta is made out of natural and healthy ingredients which come from or are made in Jajce and its surroundings (wheat semolina is produced in Jajce,

eggs are from the farm in the vicinity of Jajce, and the clean meadows and forests of the regions such as Ćusine, plateaus above Bravnica, Kerpić, Beba and Hranč slopes are exquisite habitats for mushrooms and nettle that are used to enrich Naturgeist pasta).

You can find more information about Naturgeist on Facebook.