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Male sportswear combination by Athos

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited


Shirt - 39 KM

Shorts - 39 KM

Set - 69 KM

Athos male black-and-blue combination consists of shorts and T-shirt for training. The combination is made from the most quality cotton, and dry fit materials at the places where the air circulation is the most needed as to make the training and exercising as comfortable as possible. Sizes available are: M, L, XL.

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Athos is a startup from Sarajevo which produces sportswear made from the materials of the best quality suitable for all kinds of trainings whether you are doing fitness, running, football or basketball. It is the only sportswear clothing brand that is being completely produced in B&H.

More information on Athos Sports Wear you can find on FacebookInstagram and Athos website.