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Proofreading and Editing BCS languages

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited


2 KM percard (a cardcontains 1 800 characters)


Proofreading stands for comprehensive correction of linguistic errors and stylistic editing of the whole text, that is, its improvement in accordance with grammar, spelling and stylistic rules of all three languages’ (that are used in B&H) norms. It implies the removal of grammar, spelling, and content errors, adjusting the title with linguistic norm, application of consistency in quotations and literature citing, and other proofreading actions that improve the sentence structure.

Editing is the final phase of text arranging before printing and it entails explicitly final, so called, embellishment correction. This is the action of removing typos and other, mostly graphic errors which were neglected or overlooked in the process of graphic text, such as wrong syllabification, wrong punctuation, size and type of letters, connected words or separated parts of the same word, lack or surplus of spaces, and the like

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Services are provided by Amra Logo, Bachelor of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language and literature, who acquired extensive experience in the field through her independent work, and work in the publishing house “Dobra Knjiga”.

References are available upon request.