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Queen Honey Brandy by Malinica

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited


25 KM

Queen Honey Brandy is a high-quality strong alcoholic drink that we are very proud of! It is a unique product in our market and we are currently the only registered distillery producing it. This brandy is not the sweet drink, but the drink that is produced by a double distillation of heated honey achieving 40.0% vol.alc. The specificity of this brandy is that it doesn’t have effects after consumption because it does not contain methanol. In moderate amounts, it can actually be beneficial for blood circulation, against bacteria and viruses, and improves appetite and digestion.

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Agricultural manifacture "Malinica" (Eng. 'Little Raspberry') from Visoko, with its line of product line S-Kraljica, offers home-made liqueurs and fruit brandies made out of  home-made Herzegovina wine and alcoholic bases, with the addition of fruit and fruit juices, without any artificial additives.

For orders over 50 KM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivery is free.

You can order the product via the contact form. More information about “Malinica” can be found on Facebook, Instagram and the S-Kraljica website.