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Rewriting in BCS languages by Logo

Region: Bosnia and Herzegovina, not limited


2 KM per card (a card contains 1 800 characters)


Rewriting stands for semantic text editing in BSC languages ( those in official use in Bosnia and Herzegovina). That primarily stands for highlighting important places by text consolidation and polishing in accordance with the publishing style in which it will be published. Additionally, rewriting entails discarding of unsuitable parts of the text, and inspecting used professional expressions. The rewriting process also entails checking the validity of all citations and sources in the text prior to publishing - whether all citations and paraphrases are correctly inserted into the text and whether they are listed as quotes with a reference to the real authors, with the aim to prevent plagiarism.

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Services are provided by Amra Logo, Bachelor of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language and literature, who acquired extensive experience in the field through her independent work, and work in the publishing house “Dobra Knjiga”.

References are available upon request.