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TaSubota is here for your perfect Saturday!

Planning a wedding has never been an easy task. But we are here to help you to survive without the stress. TaSubota takes over heavy tasks. You no longer have to worry about the place, the music, the flowers, the invitations, the photographer, the decoration, the attendees and what you have forgotten, because we will remember for you!

Service packages are formed together with you, according to your wishes.

TaSubota Services:

  • Counseling and giving ideas for organizing a wedding/event
  • Guidelines for smart budget spending in accordance with your wishes
  • Assistance in collecting documentation for civil/religious marriage registration, booking of appointments and wedding registrars
  • Proposals for locations, music, florists, photographers, videographers, catering services, make-up artists, hairdressers, pastry shops, rental of old-timer vehicles, lighting, sound systems, etc.
  • Negotiations, arrangements and coordination with venues, musicians, florists, photographers, videographers, catering, make-up artist, hairdresser, confectionery, lighting, sound, etc. in accordance with your wishes
  • Proposals, organization and creation of wedding/event decorations according to your wishes
  • Proposals, organization and creation of gifts for guests
  • Suggestions, organization and performance of animation for guests on the day of the wedding/ event
  • Organization and coordination of the transport of guests to/from the place of the wedding
  • Suggestions, organization and coordination of guest accommodation, if there are foreign guests
  • Designing and implementing a wedding/event protocol so that everything is in the order in which they are arranged
  • All-day coordination on the day of the wedding/event, so that everything is performed in the best manner as agreed, and the most importantly that you are to free to enjoy your day

After services/activities performed, payment of all suppliers

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TaSubota is a startup from Sarajevo specialized for events and wedding planning services.

You can find more information on Facebook and Instagram.
Telefon: +38762200565