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Touch someone’s life

Donating to Foundation 787 will directly support economic empowerment and entrepreneurial efforts of women and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Funds will entirely be used to educate, inform, promote, network and assist aspirational, young and female entrepreneurs across the country. Your generous gift of any amount is truly appreciated.

Funds can be donated in BAM or foreign currencies via bank transfers.

Donation transfer data:

- Address: Gornja Breka 69, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
- Name of the bank: Sberbank BH
- Bank account number for payments in BAM: 1401021130002939
- Bank account number for payments in foreign currency - IBAN: BA39 1401021200361307
- SWIFT (for payments in foreign currencies): SABRBA22
- Purpose: Donation


When we join together we can accomplish more

If you have the time, desire and commitment to help alleviate the status of women and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and if you are interested in developing new competences, becoming part of our network of professionals, and implementing ideas within our community – we are keen to welcome you to our team. There are different volunteer opportunities we offer, so get in touch with us via our email [email protected] We’d love to get to know you better.

Become a Mentor

Give the priceless gift of mentoring

If you are an entrepreneur or community leader who is interested in helping out the next generation of entrepreneurs, we invite you to send us your references. We can match you with women and young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina who are looking for guidance and the support of mentors. Contact us today and experience the benefits of changing somebody’s life.

Become a Business Angel

Be part of an exciting new story

Angel investing is one of the most significant sources of finances for early stage businesses worldwide, but in Bosnia and Herzegovina this practice is underdeveloped. In order to contribute to the change, Foundation 787 invites investors to use personal disposable finances and professional experience to work with some of the biggest entrepreneurial talents in the country. By becoming an Angel you get the unique opportunity to be part of much needed success stories in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contact us for further information.

Become a Partner

Let’s join forces for the greater impact

At Foundation 787 we believe that strong partnerships are critical for improving the status of youth and women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore we invite non-formal groups, local NGOs, activists, community leaders, media, small businesses, corporations and institutions who share our mission and values to contact us in order to learn more about partnering options.


With your voice we have a better chance to succeed

Foundation 787 advocates for programs and better regulations which contribute to the empowerment of women and youth in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you have the capacity and will to join us, in person or virtually, to advance important and timely issues related to the named group, then we invite you to become a member of our growing coalition. Once you join us, we will send you updates about current issues and alerts for urgent action opportunities. This might involve speaking, acting or writing on behalf of women and youth who have a limited ability to claim or exercise their right.


Spread the word

Let people know you support us

The simplest way you can help our cause is by letting people know what we do and why does it matter. You can use our pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to post comments, share news and photos or to participate in conversations.

You can also invite friends to subscribe to our newsletter or you could share our videos. We also appreciate if you initiate any other outreach activity in order to support us.