WE Hub is an ongoing project of Foundation 787 within which a unique business space for women will be opened in Sarajevo.
Within the WE Hub three possibilities will be available, primarily to women.

Foundation 787 will organize annual incubation programs for women who have business ideas or who are about to start their businesses. Apart from getting the physical space for implementing their business activities, participants of incubation program will also undergo and utilize number of activities including: intense kick-off educational program, monthly workshops, networking events and advisory services.

Secondly, within the WE Hub we will provide office space for rent in accordance with the co-working concept for - women freelancers, organizations and businesses led by women thus opening our door to women and their teams. Tenants in the co-working space will also have possibility to utilize business development services on commercial basis.

In addition to office spaces, all tenants (in co-working space and incubation section) will have: reception space, leisure space, kitchen, work room, conference room and storage space at their disposal.








Our goal is also to form an ecosystem in and around WE Hub, which will offer all the services and activities to tenants that will make their everyday lives easier, such as a day-care for children, hairdresser, cosmetic salon, space for sports activities, etc.

Thirdly, we envision WE Hub to be centre of the female start-up scene in Sarajevo with number of events and activities organized to support wider network of women and organizations working with women.